ZoomThru puts data to work to create a connected, efficient network of garage operators, apps, and municipalities. ZoomThru provides turnkey, innovative and exclusive revenue opportunities for the facilities owners and operators. The platform increases revenue by extending real-time data to our network to realize the full value of each parking spot.


ZoomThru enables real-time, hassle-free collection and consumption of data so garage operators may improve facility performance and increase revenues. Advanced data visualization, analytics, and automated report generation are provided to optimize the information presented to the operator so they can make data-driven, informed decisions.


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Our Story

Parking industry data is splintered and fragmented. Garage operators want to monetize their data while apps want to connect to parking spots. With our background in data aggregation and mobile app development, we knew we were the team to build this innovative platform to efficiently and seamlessly connect the industry.

Our Vision

In cities throughout the world, parking is an issue. People are constantly trying to find the closest parking space, parking garages have empty spaces waiting to be filled, apps need access to those empty spaces, and smart cities are starting to use IoT solutions to improve infrastructure, public utilities and services. The ZoomThru network connects the data and improves the biggest challenges in the industry.

ZoomThru puts data to work.


ZoomThru is a network-based platform as a service that requires no additional hardware to integrate into any back office system. The solution is designed to provide apps with the information they need and the convenience they expect across cities and markets, and operators with real-time management tools.

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